Since sending the brief note (page 229, Aug. G. M.) on "Variation in Feverfew," or cross-fertilization, as I regarded it, but which the Editor seemed to think quite impossible, I find among the seedlings planted out two plants which present every indication of being crosses between the Matricaria Pyrethrum, Parthenium aureum, or Golden Feverfew. The plants in growth and flower resemble the Matricaria, but have the yellow foliage of the Golden Feverfew, and are of dwarfish habit, forming compact plants not exceeding ten inches in height, and literally covered with the double-white flowers of the Matricaria, which have been produced continuously from the time the plants were three inches high, from seed, producing flowering plants the first season.

New Albany, Ind.

[It was not the intention to convey the idea that the suggested crossing was impossible - only unlikely. For reasons given in our last, it is probable that all compound flowers are fertilized from pollen from the same plant; and then there is no necessity for assuming cross-fertilization when we know how widely plants vary even when known to be self-fertilized. - Ed. G. M].