Enclosed please find photographs of Agave he-teracantha, with its spike of mature seed and seed-pocs, flowers, etc.: of which I sent you some time ago. Also of Fourcroya elegans, which, though a very small plant, is blooming in the Gardens. It commenced making its blooming stem on the 12th of July, and reached its greatest height - 7 feet 3 inches - by the 18th day of August. From the 12th of July to the 17th, its average growth per day was 2 1/2 inches. From the 17th to the 25th its average growth was 3 3/4 inches. From the 25th to August 2d, its average was 3 inches; after which its growth was every day diminished, as it was then forming its 3 feet 4 inches long panicle for blooming. It did not commence blooming from the base of the panicle, but in ones in all parts. Nearest to the stem, on the branches of panicle, were arranged in triangle two blooms and one bulb, but on the extremities, one bloom and one bulb.

But few seed-pods are maturing, but appear to mature as freely when in connection with the bulb as without them. Flowers, greenish white.

Missouri Botanical Gardens, Sept. 16th, 1884.