"A. G." observes: "The Gardeners' Monthly has, perhaps, noticed that Mr. Woolley Dod, in Garden and Gardeners' Chronicle, writes of the spontaneous hybridizing of Asters in his own garden. He is a trusty observer".

[We are always uncertain how far to take the statements of the most trusty observers when they talk of hybrids, because so many have no idea how much variation there is among plants, quite independently of cross-fertilization. A reference to some of the best authorities in botanical literature will often note that this or that is an " undoubted hybrid," when the only excuse for the expression is, that the plant presents features intermediate between two kinds regarded as distinct species. But this is not the undoubted evidence we like in cases of this kind, and we should be much more disposed to value Mr. Dod's actual experiments on Asters, than his most trusty observations on spontaneous work. - Ed G. M].