Among the deaths for August we are sorry to have to chronicle that of Mr. Ignatius Sargent, which occurred on the 18th of that month, he being then in his 85th year. He belonged to a family, of which Mr. H. Winthrop Sargent is a well remembered representative, that did honor to the more refined interest in gardening in our country, and which gives to humanity some of the greatest pleasures of life. We have of late had too few- of this class among us, and we can but hardly spare the illustrious few who are passing away. The fifty years he spent in beautifying his grounds at Brookline must have been very happy ones to him, and the numerous friends who have been aided and assisted by his example and his results, will testify to the great success with which he prosecuted his beloved occupation. He took up a piece of an old grazing farm, celebrated for nothing but good hunting ground for woodcock, and made of it a perfect horticultural paradise. It is so common to have the delightful work of our great lovers of Horticulture pass away with their decease, that it is a great pleasure to note in this connection that Prof. C. S. Sargent is the son of our friend, an inheritor of his tastes as is well known, and who will preserve what has been so well begun.

We give an extract from the Cape Ann Advertiser, a fuller account of Mr. Sargent's business career, which we are sure all our readers will appreciate.