"Burt," says: "In a conversation with another gardener lately who was talking about varieties of asparagus,. I contended that there could be no improved variety of asparagus, because the sexes being on separate plants, no one plant could perpetuate its own peculiarities. Am I right or wrong?"

[Both right and wrong. As you say, there cannot be any one variety, as there are in plants which have both sexes in the same individual, or which can be perpetuated by grafts or cuttings; but there can be improved races though there may not be improved individual varieties, just as there are improved races of cattle or breeds of poultry. And you may very nearly get a new variety by selecting a male and a female parent in an asparagus bed as nearly alike as two peas, and by planting them together away from all other plants. It would however still be but a race or breed, and not a variety. As the question would usually be understood, the answer would be in your favor, that there is no such thing as a distinct variety in asparagus. - Ed. G. M].