Several correspondents have followed me in communicating what they know about this plant, but I fancy there must be several kinds mixed under one name. My plant has not convolvulus-shaped flowers, as mentioned by the Charleston lady, and I am quite certain mine is an annual, and not a perennial, as Mr. A. Veitch found to be the case with his. Another correspondent found his would winter in a cellar. Knowing that mine was an annual, I kept it over by cuttings, and these only just live through in a temperature of 6o°.

Whatever be its real name, it was sent out by Mr. Peter Henderson as Ipomcea noctiphyton. He could no doubt tell whether it is a perennial or not. Pencoyd, Pa.

[If this be the Calonyction, or Ipomcea grandi-flora, as we suppose, it may be as well to note that even botanists have confused two species as one. One of these, the Ipomcea bona-nox, is an annual; the other, the true Ipomcea grandiflora, is a perennial. - Ed. G. M].