Mr. P. J. Berckmans, Augusta, Ga., writes: "By express, to-day, I send you a box containing four varieties of Diospyros Kaki. Some may be ripe on arrival; if not, they will be in eating order shortly. We have to use a spoon when fully ripe. The Among may be eaten while becoming soft, but the others should be quite so before being fit to use. We begin to like them, after three years' trial, and they may prove not unpalatable to you. The fruit is below average size, as we had a steady drought for nearly four months and trees were overloaded".

[At this writing, December 5th, one variety - Zingi - has ripened so as to eat with a spoon; the others are yet solid and will be kept to maturity. We "begin to like them" without waiting three years to cultivate the taste. If those magazines that offer premiums to obtain subscribers would offer a Japan persimmon like those sent by Mr. Berckmans, for each new addition to their list, they might soon boast of an immense circulation. - Ed. G. M].