Mr. Samuel Miller, Bluffton, Mo., writes: " If nothing happens to prevent, I intend mailing you a box - or rather a tin can - with some Louisa Plums, a variety which I do not think ever gets East. It bears well, regularly, and always carries a fair crop, despite the curculio. It comes after the Wild Goose is past, and lasts about a month. Of its size, appearance and quality, you can judge for yourself; and if you at any time desire buds or grafts, you will be welcome to them. I have two trees. One bore about one bushel the other at least three bushels, this year.

[The Plums did not come to hand. But we suppose, now that the ordinary Garden Plum may be so easily obtained, the race of native Plums will have to be very much more improved in quality than they have been, to compete with it. - Ed. G. M].