Publishes a Business Directory which consists of a two-line advertisement, giving room for individual or firm name and address, with twelve to fifteen words of special interest, to be published under appropriate sub-classifications, in the forthcoming volume of transactions of this Society. This volume goes free of further cost to each member of the Society and to each patron of the Directory.

These lists embrace the names and post-office of the leading fruit-growers, nurserymen, florists, seedsmen, gardeners, fruit dealers and commission men, fruit canning and preserving establishments, manufacturers of horticultural implements and machinery, cold storage, manufacturers of fruit and vegetable packages, manufacturers of labels and nurserymen's supplies, etc., in the country. The volume will also give a roster of officers of all the principal horticultural and pomological societies in this country and the British Provinces. No better and more effectual mode of advertising can possibly be adopted, inasmuch as this volume not only goes into the hands of those directly interested, but at the same time furnishes a large and valuable list of names, of itself worth far more to any business man than the Directory fee. All applications must be accompanied by satisfactory reference as to business reliability. W. H. Ragan is Secretary, Lafayette, Ind.