I notice at this late date a query as to pecan nuts: Can it be fruited at latitude 410 or 420? I have a pecan on my place, about forty years old, two feet diameter at the ground, a fine stately tree, not of thick foliage though. It has lots of fruit on every other year, but, alas! they never ripen. I am fourteen miles from New York city. Another tree of my neighbor serves him the same way. Guess it is N. G. Has the Japan chestnut been fruited here, and is it hardy? I have seen it in bearing in nursery rows at six feet high. Some of mine had the male flowers on second year from grafts; seems more hardy than the native stock on which it was grafted. It makes a very pretty dwarf tree, and the fruit is very nice and sweet.

Creedmoor, L. I, New York.