The forestry convention held in Scotland recently, and where our Professor C. V. Riley received a gold medal for his services in forestry, has been picking up odd bits of knowledge outside of their immediate province. Genealogical trees, as well as the trees of the present time, have been investigated, and they have found a belief among the Scotch people that Pontius Pilate was a Scotchman. It is said his father was one of the ambassadors sent by Caesar to treat with the ancient Caledonians, and that the son, Pontius Pilate, was born at Fontingal. Whether his mother was a Roman lady who shared the travels as well as the name, or whether the mother of Pontius was a Caledonian charmer of the noble Roman, is not part of the tradition. But it is said the Scotch people who believe in the tradition hope Pilate was a Scotchman simply by birth, and not by lineage.