Having an opportunity this summer of making a test of the comparative productiveness of six varieties, I embraced it, and herewith furnish you the result. The ground occupied by the plants measured 39 by 51 feet, and was divided into eight beds - each bed contained 117 plants, set fifteen inches apart each way. Two beds of Cumberland yielded 44 quarts - 22 to each bed; two beds of Bidwell, 50 quarts, 25 to each bed; one bed of Longfellow, 32 qts.; one of Miner, 47 qts.; one of Golden Defiance, 62 qts.; one of Wilson, 76 qts. The whole product was 311 quarts - equal to 6,811 qts., or 212 1/2 bushels to the acre. The yield of Wilson was at the rate of 13,315 qts. or 416 bush-els to the acre. Rahvay, N. J.