Mr. Charles Black, Hightstown, N. J., writes: "I send you by express, to-day, a box of what is called Reed's Early Golden Peach. My attention was called to it about one year ago, and not being satisfied by reports, I made a visit to the orchard, in which there are 100 trees of this variety, and I am unable to recognize it as any of our known varieties. Its value is great to the Delaware orchardist, as it comes in when very few yellow peaches are in market from that section. It is but very little later (probably a day or two) than Mountain Rose, and ahead of Foster. We have but one yellow peach, that I know of, that is as early, and that ripens before Mountain Rose, and known as Fleitas, or Yellow St. John, and grown largely in the Gulf States. It is not as large as this peach. The Reed's Early Golden has the appearance of Reeves' Favorite, but is fully a week ahead of that fine variety. I send these for your inspection, and if you know it, please report. The specimens sent were picked in Delaware on the nth, and carried home in a valise".

[A very fine peach, and, for so large and early variety, very fair flavor. To our mind it is among the defects of all very early peaches that they are not so good to eat as some that come later. This one is a step in the right direction. They were 8 inches around and weighed 4 1/2 ounces each. - Ed. G. M].