It was asked in a recent number of the Monthly, what had become of "the Duke; had he returned to England?" In reply, Messrs. Craig & Bro., who have their greenhouses on Market street, West Philadelphia, find it one of the most profitable roses they have ever grown. They have a house 100 feet long and 20 feet or 25 feet wide, the centre and back tables of which are planted with the Duke, both on its own roots and budded; the stock used for budding is the old favorite Gloire de Dijon. The plants that are budded are decidedly the best. It is a free bloomer at any season of the year, but it is in the autumn and early winter, before Jacqueminots can be profitably forced, that it is most appreciated. Sixteen hundred and twenty (1,620) saleable buds were cut by Craig & Bro. from their Duke house during the eight days from December 25th, 1883, to January 1st, 1884, inclusive. They sold at wholesale at $20 per hundred, but many of them were disposed of at their retail store on Eleventh street. There are few roses will pay as well as the Duke. Will the William Francis Bennett?

It will interest your readers to learn that there is a well authenticated rumor afloat that plants of the "Bennett" will be on the market next year, 1885, instead of 1887, as at first announced. Negotiations are now pending as to the time of distribution and the price at which it is to be sold, between the two interested parties, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Evans.

Mr. Henderson's "Sunset" is well spoken of wherever given a fair trial. Next winter, however/ will be the test. With us, it is a stronger grower than its parent, Perle des Jardins. There is nothing very peculiar about that, as some people try to make out there is, because we as often get fixed sports in the growing characteristics of plants as we do in the color of the flowers. There are several good sports amongst the Hybrid Remontant class, such as climbing Jules Margottin, etc., and in the trees, climbing Devoniensis, and in the Bengals, James Sprunt is a sport from old Agrip-pina; all remarkable for their extra vigorous growth over their parents. Germantown, Phila.