At one time a horticultural firm would advertise that it was "nurserymen, seedsmen and florists", - and, though the combination still exists in some instances, the businesses have become so divergent, that very few do more than take up with one thing. They have, in fact, become separate pursuits, and this being so, there is no reason why they should not be represented by separate associations. Accordingly at Chicago a distinct association was formed. The principal objects named, were: First. To encourage horticulture in all forms, by advising and comparing the growth of the business in each district. Second. To award certificate of merit to all new and deserving flowers. Third. To have each year an exhibition at the time of the annual meeting in one of the large cities, etc. Many other points touched were such as a Protective Fund for the insurance against loss by hail and fire, and the security of the trade generally. For plans of the best greenhouses, best modes of heating, etc.

Mr. John Thorpe, Queens, L. I., was elected President for the ensuing year; Mr. M. A. Hunt, Wright's Grove, Ills., Treasurer (dues $2 a year), and Mr. E. G. Hill, Richmond, Ind., Secretary. The first meeting will be held at Cincinnati some time in August next year.