Stock For Grafting Oranges

In Florida they find Limonia trifoliata a good stock for the orange. It is an East Indian species, and known as Triphasia Aurantiola, in some botanies.

Seeds From Richardia Aethiopica

The common calla rarely produces seeds, but an article by Mr. Henry, of Dijon, in the Revue Hor-ticole, speaks of his raising plants from the seed. Richardia maculata seeds abundantly in America.

Heat And Water

Moisture is a great absorbent of heat. We keep the atmosphere in some classes of greenhouses moist, in order to avoid changes of temperature, which are more rapid where the temperature is dry.

It takes more coal to maintain a temperature at a certain point than a dry one, but where success is aimed at, it is not the first cost that tells.

Rare Plants In Flower At The Missouri Botanic Gardens, At St. Louis

During the past month two of the Quinine trees have been in bloom - Cinchona alba, and C. officinalis. Another rare economic plant, the Sweet Sop - Anona squamosa, has also been in flower.

The rare Fourcroya elegans, is also coming in flower. This is almost as rare an event as the blooming of the Century plant.

Apple Barrels

The English complain that the Apple barrels from New York and the Eastern States, measure only 2 3/4 bushels, while Western and Canadian ones with the "round hoops" measure 3 bushels. Then the English buyer is getting sick of finding the pretty apples on the outside, and the runty fellows stowed away in the middle. It seems scarcely credible that apple packers do not know better than this, but we suppose it must be so or we should not hear the complaints.

The Lutie Grape

This is a seedling raised by L. C. Chis-holm, near Nashville, Tenn. Vines two years old, from cuttings, have produced twenty-five pounds of choice fruit this season. In point of flavor it is equaled by none except the Delaware, and is three times its size, and much the same color. So says its introducer.

New American Raspberries

A French magazine has an article under the above head, and among the novelties are recorded Brinkle's Orange, Bagley's Perpetual, Saunders, Doolittle's Black, Arnold's Hybrid, Brandywine, and the Gregg, which is rendered "Greygh".

A Large Virginia Vineyard

A vineyard of 100 acres and an extensive wine-making establishment has been for many years in existence on the Blue Ridge, near Front Royal, Virginia. It is owned by Dr. F. A. Ashby, of Baltimore.

Protecting Strawberries From Birds

In the gardens of Mr. Charles Spencer, near Germantown, Pa., the English sparrows and the robins played sad havoc with the strawberries. The gardener drew cords across the bed in various directions, and suspended pieces of tin at regular distances along the lines. This was found to effectually frighten the sparrows, but the robins seemed to find pleasure in these adornments, for they were even more devoted in their attention to the fruit after the task was done than before.