M. Dumas, the permanent Secretary of the French Academy des Sciences, recommends for the arrest of the Phyxollerae the use of the alkaline sulpho-carbonates of potassium and sodium, and of barium.

The sulpho-carbonate of barium decomposes under the influence of carbonic acid, and evolves sulphuretted hydrogen and bi-sulphide of carbons. Placed in the ground, by its slow decomposition, it should prove a powerful insecticide.

Sulpho-carbonate of potassium in addition to its toxic effect has also a direct invigorating influence upon the plant.

The use of these sulpho-carbonates was suggested from the need of some substance that would evaporate less quickly than the bi-sulphide of carbon, and thereby infect with their vapors all the surrounding soil. They should be reduced to fine powders and spread over the surface of the ground before the heavy autumnal rains.

Trusting that some of the above measures will serve to relieve you from this serious attack,

Very truly yours,

J. A. Lintner.

[This communication is in reply to a note by Mr. Blodgett, who has kindly handed it to us for publication. - Ed. G. M].