Mr. Krelage sends us the report of a scientific examination, signed by Dr. J. H. Wakker as secretary, showing by an actual examination of the facts, what everybody of sense already knows, that the wholesale prohibition of the Berne convention is a severe type of international insanity. However, they have to put the language more delicately, and the paper is drawn up chiefly in connection with the flower-root question. We give a translation of Dr. Wakker's concluding paragraph:

"The general conclusion is, that in the surroundings of Haarlem flowering bulbs cannot in any way contribute to the dissemination of Phylloxera. On one hand there is nothing to fear, as in the case of plants which sustain this dreaded insect, and on the other hand, there is not a particle of chance that the earth in which they are cultivated may be infested. Nothing, then, should justify any measures through the government, private individuals or societies, to impede the importation of bulbs. Such measures would only cause great losses to merchants without any compensation, as a means of defense against the invasion of Phylloxera".