A Washington paper says: "The state dinner given Feb. 14th by the President was named for half-past seven, but it was not until eight o'clock that the party left the East room, where they were received by the President and Mrs. McElroy. The long table at which were placed covers for forty-eight was arranged with 'T's.' As the dinner was given to the Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of the Court of Claims all the decorations of the table were of appropriate designs. Along the center, some four or five feet long, there was a floral 'Temple of Justice.' The sloping roof was composed entirely of Jacqueminot and Tea roses; the dome of crimson and white azaleas, the architrave of clove pinks, while the supports were of smilax with clusters of lilacs. Underneath the 'Temple of Justice' lay an open book, on which, in large black letters, were the two words, one on each page, 'Law, Constitution,' with cut-flowers of every description loosely strewn about. At either end of the ' Temple' were the 'Scales of Justice,' composed of Azaleas, the chains of smilax, in which rested pans of carnation and heliotropes. In the middle of the cross-pieces at each end of the table were large circular plaques of roses, over which poised an open umbrella of lilies of the valley.

Conserves and bonbons were placed at intervals, interspersed here and there with pyramids of ices and jellies, over which poised, with outspread wings, the 'American eagle.' Upon the right of the President sat Mrs. Waite, wife of the Chief Justice, with Mrs. Miller assigned to the left. Directly opposite was Mrs. McElroy, at the right of whom Chief Justice Waite was seated, and to the left Justice Miller. The mantels in the dining-room were banked with Easter lilies, hyacinths, scarlet and yellow tulips, with a deep overhanging of fringe grasses".