It has been decided to sell the library of the Princes of Flushing, the collection of three generations of horticulturists. Those who know how difficult it is to get many valuable works long out of print, will have a rare chance here. Out of regard for the memory of their ancestors the family will sell low if taken as a whole. If no such offer be received they will go to public sale. L. Bradford Prince, Flushing, New York, will give particulars.

We were surprised to learn recently that this fine Horticultural Library had been shipped to Philadelphia and sold in one of our regular auction stores. There are a large number of horticulturists and friends of W. R. Prince who would have been glad to have been present and to have secured some mementoes of this distinguished author and nurseryman, if a knowledge of the sale had been afforded them, and one of these would certainly have been the Editor of this magazine.

It would seem that even as a matter of business, it would be apparent that the proper people to notify of the sale of horticultural books would be the readers of a horticultural magazine - the more especially when the Editor of that magazine had already, at the request of the family, made public the fact that the library was on private sale, and this announcement without any cost to the family.