Some years ago the Hon. Eli Slifer, ex-Treasurer of Pennsylvania, was visiting a fine park in the Canary Islands. After viewing many beautiful, and to him, unknown trees, the guide said, "There still remains one tree, the most beautiful on the grounds, which you must see." What was his surprise when a common locust tree (Robinia pseud-acacia) was pointed out. He could not help remarking, "Why, that tree is so abundant at my home, that we use it for fence posts".

Lewisburg, Pa.

[The yellow locust does better in the Old World than we have ever known it to do in this, its native country. The locust borer and the leafskeletonizer which is so destructive here seem to be there unknown. Through France it is seen everywhere, and growing with a remarkable luxuriance. In the drier regions of our country it has done very well, and is often seen cultivated in Colorado, Utah and California, but troubles follow them there. Last year we saw numbers in Salt Lake City, where they once formed the principal shade tree, of a yellow color, which the experienced horticulturist knows indicates something radically wrong. - Ed. G. M].