By Prof. J. T. Rothrock, Philadelphia. J. B. Lippincott & Co., publishers.

Books of travel are too often by those the least fitted to write them. A man or woman may be pleasant writers, and yet not have the gift of seeing much. What such people write might very often be just as well untold. The present author is not one of that kind. He sees what is worth noting, and knows how to tell what he saw. On this occasion he decided to spend his vacation by a two months' cruise along the coast in a yacht. This is out of the usual course of travelers, and it is a treat and a profit to follow him in his novel summer experience. If we do not want to go on a cruise ourselves, we like to know what he found; but the. great probability is, that after finding out how cheap and thoroughly enjoyable such a way of spending the summer months may be, one may think sometime to go and do likewise, and then the book will have a double value.