Mr. B. Perley Poore says in American Cultivator of the wearing out of varieties: " I will not undertake to dispute it. I never dispute anything when I can help it, and often swallow assertions which I do not believe rather than contradict them, but I cannot refrain from respectfully asking where the old varieties of apples, pears and peaches have gone to. They might have died here or there, but they have all disappeared, and in their places we have new varieties, which do not, I think, replace those which have disappeared".

If our friend ever comes to Germantown we will show him Rousselet de Rheims, Early Catharine, Bartlett, Seckel, and many other old varieties of pears quite as good as they ever were, though the parent trees of some of these we suppose have long gone to decay.

But perhaps a hundred and fifty or two hundred years do not constitute an old variety in a pear.