It is not uncommon to hear people say, "though we had the trees planted with every care and attention the trees died." The fact is that what people often call very good planting, is very bad planting. One of the best pieces of good sense in planting came from the lips of Mr. Fulcomer in an address before the Republic (Kansas) Horticultural Society. He is speaking of Apple trees: "In regard to planting, I practice different from most. My neighbor has trees bought same time and place as mine. They used twice the labor that I did in planting, and have not had as good success. I plow furrows as deep as I can, then cross plow at proper distance.

This leaves quite a hole where the furrows cross. I then set the tree, carefully working fine soil among the roots, and then after leveling up around the tree a little, I plow throwing the dirt to the trees, and leaving a dead furrow between the rows to drain off surface water. I use no spade - do not need one".