A few months ago one of my students brought me a fine specimen of our common fresh-water leech. Not wishing to throw it alive into the alcohol, I placed it in a beaker containing a little water, and added a considerable dilute hydrocyanic acid. After some time I found that it had no effect on the animal, and poured into the beaker a large amount of a saturated solution of cyanide of potassium. The animal disliked the presence of this reagent and tried to get out of the beaker, but after remaining in it a half hour or more, and still not being dead, I removed it, and placed it in a vessel of clear water. In this it lived for several days. Lewisburg, Pa.

[In some recent remarks on the tenacity of life in shell-fish before the Academy of Natural Sciences, by Mr. John Ford, reference was made to the tenacity of life of Busycon and other mullusks. Specimens of the former were found to be alive a considerable time after being half cut out of the shell, and specimens of other species, collected by the late Rev. Dr. Beadle in the desert of Arabia, were able to crawl about when moistened after being packed inadry box for three years. - Ed.G.M].