Woodcock Grape

The originator claims for this extra earliness, coloring before the Concord begins to change. It is an excellent keeper, never drops from the stem, and is of first-class favor.

It is certainly a very pretty bunch, and berry, evidently of pure Labrusca parentage. The honeyed sweetness of the flesh will be grateful to most palates. Its defects are, a very thick skin, over-much pulp, and astringency if the skin be sucked too intensely.

Pear From Brookfield, Mo

"J. G." sends a pear for name, which has been growing there six years, and fruited this year for the first time. It is of enormous size - say of the form, but double the size of an ordinary Bartlett pear - russetty, and with a dark brown cheek. A very pleasant aromatic, sub-acid, juicy fruit, but we do not feel sufficiently satisfied about its identity to hazard a name.

Fine Seckel Pears

T. T. Southwick, Rochester, September 26th, writes: "I gathered to-day from one limb, less than a foot in length, six Seckel Pears weighing 33 3/4 ounces and measuring the small way as follows: 8 1/4, 8 1/4, 8 1/4, 8 3/4 8 1/8, 7 7/8. The two largest weighed full 6 ounces each. Six more, from another limb, weighed 33 ounces.

"I cannot remember having seen Seckels so large, though they may be nothing notably large. If you so consider them to be, you can give the facts place".

Perfumes In Florida

It is said that the perfume industry in Jacksonville, Florida, is yielding products fully equal to the best French articles.

Erianthus Ravennve

"Alpha" writes:-"Will you please inform me, through the Monthly, of what country the Erianthus Ra-vennse is a native, and when and by whom introduced? Also, who discovered and introduced Doryanthes Palmeri, and when?"

[Erianthus Ravennae is one of the swamp grasses common along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Doryanthes Palmeri is a Mexican plant, discovered in recent years by one of our own explorers, Dr. Palmer. - Ed. G. M].

Western States Of America

It seems very strange that Europeans take so little pains to talk accurately about American geography. The "Forestry" of London, tells its readers that the Yellowstone Park is in " the Western States of America".

Unpaid Express Packages

Quite a number of packages, unpaid or but partially paid, have been presented to us by express companies the past month, which we have declined to receive. We have no doubt that the senders prepaid them, but, as we have often stated, the senders should mark on the packages "Paid through." This does not prove that the packages were prepaid; but it is a remarkable fact that the express companies have never sought payment from us of any packages that have been so marked.