"Alexa" says: "Can you tell me the history of a plant I greatly admire, and which is known in gardens as the Barclayana Vine ? I have looked through Mr. Henderson's Handbook of Plants, which, by the way, I highly value, without finding anything about it, which omission seems remarkable in a plant so common and so beautiful".

[Its proper name is Maurandya Barclayana, and it will be found in Henderson under this name. We do not know why it is that flower lovers have dropped the name of the genus for that of the species in this case. It looks like a determined effort on the part of flower lovers to ignore the honor to a lady which this pretty Mexican genus was intended to establish. The author of the name, Ortega, says it is for "Donna Catherina Pancratia Maurandy, wife of Don Augustin Juan, Professor in the Royal Botanic Garden of Carthagena - a learned lady, a sharer, if not indeed a leader in her husband's botanical labors." But all our text books give the honor to "Dr. Maurandy, Professor of Botany in Carthagena." It is remarkable that after the botanists should have dropped the lady, ladies themselves, whom we supposed started " Barclayana Vine," should have also given to a man the honor intended for the Professor's wife. - Ed.G.M].