These remarkably curious and always interesting plants, of which the Dutchman's pipe vine is a familiar example, have two new illustrations in Mr. Bull's catalogue now before us. One, Aristolochia elegans, was noted by several correspondents in our magazine last year. The other, A. ridicula, does honor to its name. A little imagination will regard them as like the head of a donkey, with its huge ears spread. It is thus described by Mr. Bull:

" A very remarkable and most interesting new species introduced from Brazil. The tube of the flower is from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches long, abruptly contracted and then bent upon itself below the middle, the basal part being much inflated; the upper portion somewhat conical, widening towards the mouth, which is prolonged into two ascending and backwardly directed lobes, diverging from each other at an obtuse angle. The entire limb is of a tawny color, closely covered with dendritic dark brownish purple reticulations on a cream-colored ground; the lobes are dark with light reticulations, and are sparsely covered with clavate dark purple brown hairs. The bright green leaves are orbicular reniform, with an entire margin; the entire plant, stems, leaves and flowers being covered with hair".