Those who look back over the literature of horticulture thirty or forty years ago, will find this estimable gentleman among the leading amateurs in American horticulture. He was long President of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in its most flourishing days. The Victoria lily flowered for the first time at his princely residence at Springbrook, and thousands flocked from all parts of the Union to see its unparalleled beauty. Temporary business reverses, led him from his great pleasures, and Springbrook was sold. It is now the Forrest Home. With recovery from his brief financial losses, he purchased a beautiful property at Chestnut Hill, where he has for many years past still fostered his early gardening love. The same public spirited generosity which, by its free public use made Springbrook famous, still obtains; and the community have the free use of Mr. Cope's grounds. We are sure it will gratify his numerous friends to know that on the 18th of July he passed his 90th birthday, with a fair promise that for some years yet he will still remain with us, the munificent patron of gardening he has always been.