Hybrid Blackberries

The Editor of the Rural New Yorker has succeeded in raising seedling plants of raspberries crossed with the blackberry. They will fruit in a couple of years.

The Rudbeckia Or Golden Daisy

" Disk of bronze and ray of gold Glimmering through the meadow grasses

Burn less proudly ! for behold Down the field my princess passes.

Hardly should I hold you fair, Golden, gay midsummer daisies.

But for her. the maiden rare, Who, amid your starry mazes, Makes you splendid with her praises".

- Lucy Larcom.

Railroad Accommodations To Conventions

It has always seemed to us in making concessions to large bodies holding meetings, railroad companies arrange things so as to prevent as many as possible from taking any advantage. Rarely half who attend can ever make use of concessions. The pretense, however, brings votes of thanks and advertises the roads. The railroad certificates for the Nurserymen's Convention reached their post-offices on the morning the convention opened.

Horticulture In Japan

The Empire of Japan is becoming greatly interested in improving the horticulture of the empire, and the Minister of Commerce has commissioned Mr. Hida as his representative, who is now in our country, to visit all the leading specimens of good gardening and report what he finds.

Horticulture In British Columbia

This section will become a paradise of gardening. It is one of the most prosperous sections on the Pacific. There are already many good firms at Victoria, and the other settlements are following. Mr. G. W. Henry has a successful place at Port Hammond.

Wm. F. Dreer

On the death of his father Mr. H. A. Dreer, W. F. then little more than a lad, assumed the control of the business, retaining and honorably sustaining his father's name. He will, we are sure, receive the congratulations of world-wide friends, on his marriage with the daughter of Dr. Ed. H. Williams, an esteemed citizen of Philadelphia, which event occurred on the 22d of June.

Mr. John Rock

This eminent pioneer in the nursery business in California, left New York on the 18th of June, for a short visit to his old home, Frankfort-on-the-Main, in Germany. Few men have done more to popularize fruit culture and gardening generally on the Pacific coast, and his numerous friends will wish him a good voyage, and pleasant memories on his return.

Ellwanger & Barry

Both of these gentlemen, founders and heads of the famous Rochester firm, are summering in Europe.