A French writer in a Belgian publication, makes great fun of the weight and measures he finds among the florists and gardeners in Covent Garden market. He says you are told that the articles are so much per seive, per pottle, per handful, bundle, bunch, or pound - and even when you want to buy by the pound, you have to come to an understanding whether you are to buy by Troy weight, Dutch weight or avoirdupois weight. He finds the desire for a metric system there weakening every day, through a fear that the introduction of any foreign notion will endanger the British constitution. They even refused to have a tunnel under the British channel, for fear Bonaparte might walk in some night and run off with Queen Victoria; and it is for this reason that there is and always will be a jealousy of everything foreign, no matter how useful it may be proved to be. After all the joking there may be sound national policy in such a view from a small island like Britain.