While friends in Boston, New York and elsewhere, kindly keep us posted, if only by local newspaper slips, of the work of their horticultural societies, we rarely get such favors from Baltimore, and are therefore the more under obligation to the kindness which prompted the sending of the following note:

The Maryland Horticultural Society still continues very prosperous, and its April show was a very good one indeed. Among the successful exhibitors were T. H. Garrett, James Pentland, Mrs. Delahay, G. A. Black, Herman & Brother, Alex. Scott, E. Hoen, Hamilton Easter, R. J. Hal-liday, John Cook, John Wildey, Robert Graham, Mrs. Hamilton, and Mrs. Nolen. Mr. Pentland keeps up his love for Camellias and made an admirable display. The premiums were given for the best Azaleas and Rhododendrons, Geraniums, Lycopodiums, Ferns, Calceolarias, Cinerarias, Bedding Plants, Roses, Orchids, Tulips, Pansies, Succulent Plants, Hanging Baskets. Fuchsias and the usual assortment of cut flower work. Among these a very useful design was by Herman & Brother, which gave a model carpet garden, by which hints for the arrangement of proper colors were afforded.

Among the special matters of general admiration was a plant of Puya Altensteinii, one of those brilliant things of which the pine-apple family contains so many. This was from Mr. Robert Graham,from Patterson Park. Possibly the most attractive thing were the orchids from Mr. T. Harrison Garrett's, whose gardener, Mr. Donald S. Grant, is a rare lover of gardening, and who does much to keep up the interest in the exhibits. He carried off about a dozen of the premiums.