Azalea generally flowers in April, or even in May, nevertheless by forcing, and through good selection of sorts, one can get them much earlier, and even in the commencement of December several varieties may be had in bloom. The plants to be used for this purpose must be potted as soon as the young roots are showing along the inside of the pot, and this may be proceeded with as early as possible, even in the month of October if the plants are ready. But we must not give too much warmth at the start, because some of the buds would only swell out, whilst the other ones would remain behind. By going on steadily their buds swell more regularly, and in a month's time at the longest, they are all together in an uniform state of advancement. At this time one need not be afraid to give increased warmth, if the house is only kept moist enough - very moist I mean.

You may give any heat you desire; but of course the plants must be often watered then, and continual watering kills the roots of the plant. No doubt then the most practical way is to make as damp an atmosphere as you can, and to water only if the plant gets dry for all humidity is needed also to swell the buds, and to help them expand. Light is no less necessary. Cover the house only at night, and early in the morning take the shelter off. Do not give heat at night only, but fire up all day, and if the sun comes out, syringe and keep damp continually. Syringe them also every evening to keep them damp all the night. If young shoots come around the buds, pinch them out, else they grow on to the detriment of the bud and retard the opening. Shake off from time to time the dead leaves that appear on the plants, and when the most vigorous branches flower before the others, cut them off. It is really better for the plant as well as turns the flower in more rapidly.

The best varieties for forcing are the following: Amongst the Whites, Deutche Perle, Feelder's White, Narcissisflora, Raphael, Bernard andrea alba, Mlle. Planetron A. Borsig. Amongst the spotted ones, Punctulata, Mme. Camille, Van Langenhove, Sigismond Rucker, Eliza Liebert, Ceres, Mme. de Greve Vursicolor, Etendard de Flandre, Koningin, Cleopatra. Amongst the red ones, Mme. Vanderbruyssen, Martha, Roi de Hol-lande, Bignoni flora plena, Victoria Kronprinses von Preusen, Mme. Paul, Deschryver, Raphael confarna, Stella, Princesse Louise.

I dare say numerous other sorts in any color are equally suitable for forcing; only the very late ones, such as Duc de Nassau, Souvenir du Prince Albert, Eclatant, Charles Juke, Marie, Louise, Irma and a few more make an exception.

St. Denis, Westrem near Ghent, Belgium.