In answer to Mr. I. C. Wood, of Fishkill, N. Y., I will endeavor to throw as much light upon the subject as possible, in regard to amount and cost of fuel used during the season thus far, and for the two months of December and January, when our mercury fell from 10° to 17 below, and very often from 10 to 12 below. As near as I can judge we used about 30 tons of pea coal during the two months mentioned, at a cost of 85 cents delivered on track here, with 40 cents added for drayage, making for the two months, $37.50; and for the whole season's firing it will require about 4 1/2 carloads, with $25.00 worth of wood added, we use for burning off the soot from the drop tubes.

By actual experience I find that for steam making, the fine coal, such as I use, is equally as good and lasts fully two thirds as long as the expensive lump coal Mr. W. buys at $4 50 per ton. With us it would cost about $2.25 to $2.50, nearly as much as 3 tons of pea coal. I think Mr. W. should be well satisfied that he did not burn more fuel with the kind of boilers he uses, as they are great destroyers of coal; the draught being straight and direct, passes off fully one-half fuel without any benefit, the combustion being too rapid. What we want is a boiler with large grate surface, and as slow a combustion as possible. In it lies the secret of economy. Youngstown, Ohio.