Much stress is laid on the practice of hybridizing or crossing in the production of new varieties, but as a general rule our fruit growers have had more success from selection than from crossing. Mr. Rogers' wonderful success in grapes, producing the famous Rogers' Hybrids, is almost exceptional in favor of this plan. Dr. Masters, speaking of the improvement in potatoes, contends that all the best work has been done by selection. In regard to the mooted question of graft hybrids it is well to note that Dr. Masters is a thorough believer in it. He says that very many potato cultivators absolutely denied the possibility of anything like grafting, but he believed it to be a practical and realizable idea. He had himself obtained intermediate forms by the process, and he had seen remarkable results obtained by grafting the potato on to the tomato and other species. In most cases of discussion in these scientific questions the trouble generally about belief is that there is a doubt that the observer has deceived himself. In other words the doubt is whether the observer is competent to observe. No doubt can exist in the case of this famous botanist when he says that he himself has obtained hybrids by grafting as stated.

It settles the actual fact of the case in its favor.