Scribners Magazine is giving a series of extremely interesting papers on forestry from the pen of Prof. Shaler. It is to be regretted that so eminent a teacher, and original observer as Prof. S. should have marred the force by a repetition of the sorry stuff common to the penny-a-liner, which passes current as "science" in the secular press, in connection with " rainfall and climate," and which we are sure he would not adopt, if he had applied his own vigorous intellect to an examination of the facts.

One has only to cast his eye over a map of the globe on which we live, and note the immense area of water as compared with land, from which an enormous evaporation is continuous, to understand that this moisture must come down again in the form of rain, though there was never a tree on the face of the earth; and when he reflects on the many hundreds of square miles of grassy prairies on which rain fell continuously for probably many hundreds of years, without a tree to "attract the moisture," and "induce the rainfall," he must understand what supreme nonsense it is to teach that trees are the cause and not the consequence of climate, and that the "reckless destruction of our forests must result in utter sterility".

We all want to see forests planted, but those of us who are laboring in this direction, feel our efforts continually thwarted by this silly stuff which the practical man never believes, and hence laughs at the whole scheme.

Outside of this misfortune, the papers are admirably written, and full of useful information. It was a happy thought in Scribner to engage Prof. Shaler in a task like this for their very popular magazine.