THE Abelia is one of our most free-flowering shrubs, being in flower nearly every month of the year. It is neat and compact in its habit of growth and is excellent for finishing groups of stronger-growing shrubs.

The flowers of the Abelia, which are lilac or pink and bell-shaped, are sweet-scented and pretty.

There are four varieties of the shrub, Abelia rupestris and Abelia serrata (natives of China), Abelia floribunda (a native of Mexico) and Abelia triflora (a native of India). They flourish in any good garden soil and in any situation which is not too much exposed.

The Abelia rupestris, grouped with Veronica decussata, Maytenus boaria or Leptospermum laevigatum makes a very effective combination, all of these being of similar habit.

Propagate by cuttings placed in sandy leaf-mold in a cold frame during September or October. When rooted, they should be placed in three-inch pots and given root-room as required.

Abelia rupestris.