Ornamental shrubs or small trees with trifoliate leaves and pendulous racemes of pea-shaped flowers. They are all highly ornamental and free-flowering and grow in any garden soil, but in sunny California seem to desire a shady situation. Like many deciduous trees they are liable to be attacked by the grey fungus which has a tendency to harden and tighten the bark; when this is the case, spray them in Winter with lye mixture.

The following are the best varieties of this very beautiful Spring-flowering tree: - Laburnum vulgare, Laburnum vulgare aureum (golden-yellow leaves), Laburnum vulgare involutum, Laburnum vulgare quercifolium and Laburnum vulgare Watereri. A species with purple flowers named Laburnum Adami, is also well worthy of a place in any collection.

Propagate by seeds sown one quarter of an inch deep in the open ground in early Spring; leave them in the seed-bed one year and then transplant them to nursery rows where they should remain until large enough to be planted out.