A genus comprising eight species; two are natives of New Zealand, one of California, two of Chile, one of Japan, one of China, and one of New Caledonia. Our native species, Libocedrus decur-rens is of a densely-branched habit of growth and rather formal in outline. Libocedrus Chilensis is of the same habit but has leaves of a light glaucous green. Libocedrus Doniana, the New Zealand species, is also rather stiff and formal in habit but differs from the Chilean species in having bright-green leaves. All are of easy growth and thrive in our climate if given shelter and well-drained soil.

Libocedrus decurrens.

Propagate by seeds sown in Spring, one-quarter of an inch deep in light sandy soil; protect them from hot sun until they are one inch high when they may be planted in nursery beds out of doors.