A genus comprising only four species, all evergreen and ornamental, natives of the Mediterranean regions. They have a rather upright habit and small, myrtle-like, glossy, dark-green leaves. The flowers are small and not showy. They grow freely in any good garden soil to a height of ten feet and form a dense bush.

Propagate by cuttings, in the Fall, placed in sandy soil in a cold frame.

Photinia (California Redberry or Holly) (Heteromeles serratifolia).

A genus of highly ornamental trees or shrubs mostly natives of India, China and Japan, one being indigenous to California. All are handsomely leaved. Our native species is the glory of our hillsides in Fall and Winter, and indispensable for decorating our rooms and banquet halls at Christmastide, its great bunches of crimson-red berries contrasting well with its glossy green foliage. The Redberry delights in a sunny situation and a loose rocky soil.

Propagate by seeds sown one-eighth of an inch deep in open ground in the Fall; transplant them when they are three inches high and replant them each year until they are large enough to be planted where required, as it is rather difficult to move them safely when they are left too long in one place.