Lettuce should be sown in a hot-bed or greenhouse if wanted early; seeds sown there in February will give nice plants to set out in April, to mature in May, or if it is sown in the open ground in April and planted out in May, it will mature in June, and so on through the summer season if succession crops are desired, as it only takes from five to six weeks to mature. The great excellence of lettuce consists in its freshness, and it can rarely be purchased in perfect condition; hence, those who would enjoy it in its best state should raise it themselves.

For early use, to be ready in May, the Curled Silesia and Boston Market are the best; while for summer use, the Curled India and Plain Drumhead should be sown, as they do not readily run to seed. The Cos varieties are mainly used in Europe, and are by far the best flavored; but from their tendency to run to seed in our warmer climate, are but little cultivated, though they might be safely grown in the cool weather, in spring, or in fall. An ounce of seed of each variety will be ample.