The Peach prefers the light, dry, and warm soils, known as sandy loams. The tree is shortlived in most sections, and attains its best fruiting condition usually when from five to nine years old. The tree is greatly benefitted by pruning; the growth of the previous season should be shortened about one-third; this, if annually followed from the time the trees are set, will give them compact heads instead of open, straggling ones, the branches of which will break down with the first full crop of fruit. In the peach-growing districts the cultivators do not expect more than three crops in five years, and if they get two full crops in that time they are content, and amateurs should expect no more. When a crop sets at all there is usually more fruit than the tree can carry and ripen; no fruit needs severe thinning more than the peach. In bearing seasons half or two-thirds of those which set may be removed with benefit to the rest. When a tree appears sickly with yellow foliage, dig it up at once. The distance apart may be from eight to ten feet. Among the favorite varieties for garden culture may be named Early Beatrice

Early Beatrice

One of Mr. Rivers' seedlings, and so far as tried in this country promises to be a valuable early sort; its size is small, but quality good; freestone.

Hale's Early

A very early peach, of fair size and great beauty, but has the fault that it in some localities rots just as it begins to ripen, a difficulty probably due to overbearing rather than to locality; freestone, excellent.


Large, round, color yellow and red, streaked with dark-crimson; flesh yellow, rich, and juicy, flavor excellent; freestone; ripens in September.

Crawford's Early

Large, roundish, color yellow, tinged with red; flesh yellow, rich, and sweet; ripens last of August; freestone.

Crawford's Late

Similar in appearance, but ripening three weeks later.

Cooledge's Favorite

Size medium, roundish oval, color clear white with crimson cheek; flesh rich, juicy, and of first quality; ripens in August; freestone.

Honest John, Or Early York

Large, roundish, white with red cheek; flesh white, very juicy, excellent flavor; middle of August; freestone.

Morris White

A well known variety, size medium, color greenish-white, flavor average. The variety mostly used for preserving; middle of September; freestone.


Fruit large, yellow, with dark red cheek; flesh orange-yellow, flavor excellent; middle of September; freestone.