Now number many hundred, and we will recommend only a very few of the most distinct sorts that have been grown long enough to allow us to be certain of their merits.

Concord is perhaps more universally cultivated than any other. It grows most luxuriantly, bearing bunches of large size abundantly; color black, with a rich blue bloom; the flavor is of average quality. Ri\pens during the month of September.

Hartford Prolific

Resembles the Concord in general appearance, but ripens two or three weeks earlier. It is valuable on this account, but in light soils drops its fruit badly, which is quite a drawback.


Is a seedling of the old Catawba, color pale red, flavor excellent, fully equal to the Catawba, but it is preferable to that variety in ripening fully a month earlier, or from the 1st to 15th of September. One of the best, where it succeeds; it requires a strong soil.


Its entirely distinct character from any of our hardy grapes, at one time raised the question whether this was not a foreign variety, but that point we believe is now settled, and it is conceded to be a native. In flavor it is unsurpassed, equal to many of our best foreign sorts. Bunches and berries small, of a dark pinkish red color.

Rogers, Hybrids

These varieties, probably from the unfortunate mistake made by their raiser in designating them by numbers instead of by names, have never, we think, had the popularity they deserve. Some of them are entirely distinct in color and flavor from any other native grapes, and form magnificent bunches. No. 4 (now called Wilder), has berries and bunches of the largest size, black with rich bloom, flavor excellent, ripens September first. No. 15, (Agawam), is a beautiful grape of a bronze color, with pinkish bloom on the side next the sun. It ripens early in September, and we find every season that the grape consumers of our household rarely touch a bunch of any other grape as long as any are left on No. 15. No. 1, (Goethe), is about the size and color of the white Malaga grape of commerce, tinged with pink on the sunny side, flavor excellent, one of the latest, ripening here in October. No. 19 resembles No. 4, but of an entirely distinct flavor, by some preferred; ripens 15th of September.