Leaves unequally pinnate. Flowers small, polygamous, in terminal panicles. Calyx equally 5-lobed, imbricate. Petals 5, spreading, induplicate-valvate. Disk 10-lobed. Stamens 10; in the female flower none, in the hermaphrodite 2 or 3. Fruit of 1 to 5 linear-oblong 1-seeded samaras. There are two species besides glandulosa, one of which is common throughout the tropics. The native name of the following species is Ailanto, literally Tree of Heaven.

1. A. glandulosa. - A tall handsome fast-growing tree with large pinnate deciduous leaves 1 to 2 feet long. Leaflets 9 to 25, deeply toothed or lobed. Fruit red when ripe. This is one of the most distinct and desirable of ornamental trees with pinnate foliage in cultivation, and thrives well in the neighbourhood of the sea. It is a native of Japan and Mongolia.