Characters of the order. The name is of classic origin, and was applied to the South European species. None of them are very ornamental, but several species are valued for their medicinal properties. The various kinds of Sarsaparilla are produced by this genus.

1. S. aspera. - This is a South European species of trailing habit with prickly stems and ovate or lanceolate-cordate spinytoothed persistent coriaceous 7- to 9 ribbed leaves. Berries red.

S. Mauritanica, from the same region, has larger unarmed leaves.

Tamus communis. Black Bryony, is an indigenous climber producing annual stems from a large tuberous rootstock, cordate-ovate glossy ribbed leaves, and inconspicuous unisexual flowers followed by clusters of oblong scarlet berries. It belongs to the Dioscbreoi, distinguished from the above family by having an inferior several-seeded fruit, etc.