Herbs or undershrubs with toothed leaves and terminal racemes or spikes of flowers. Calyx nearly equally 5-toothed. Corolla-tube not dilated at the throat; and usually furnished with a ring of hairs inside; upper lip erect or spreading; lower lip longer, 3-lobed, the lateral lobes often reflexed. Stamens 4, the lower pair longer. This is a large genus, numbering nearly 150 species; found in temperate and warm regions. The name is from 11 Stachys Including Betonia 356 an ear or spike, the form of the inflorescence. There are several native species. S. Betonica, Wood Betony, is a common plant in England. It is a tall herb with dense terminal bracteate spikes of reddish purple flowers. S. sylvatica and S. palustris are also tolerably common.

1. S. landta. - This is the species employed in bedding for its tufted silvery foliage, which is densely clothed with a silky tomentum. The flowers are small and inconspicuous. A native of South-eastern Europe and Asia Minor.

S. coccinea is a South American species about 3 feet high, with cordate toothed hairy leaves and brilliant scarlet flowers in spikes of whorls.