Deciduous monoecious trees with distichous leaves and small globular or oval cones composed of peltate woody scales with 2 seeds at the base of each. All the known forms of this genus are usually referred to one species, a native of the United States of North America. The name is derived from 18 Taxodium 403 the Yew, and 18 Taxodium 404 resemblance, referring to the disposition of the foliage.

1. T. distichum. Deciduous or Bald Cypress. - A large tree with slender often deciduous ultimate branchlets, and soft linear-acute distichous crowded leaves from 6 to 9 lines long. Cone close and hard, about 1 inch in diameter. This is an exceedingly beautiful and graceful tree, and of the few hardy deciduous Conifers the one most frequently planted. It is very variable in habit and size of foliage, and some of the forms have received various names either as distinct species or varieties of this. The shrub called T. distichum pendulum belongs to the preceding genus.