This is a genus comprising one or two very elegant aquatic plants with slender erect triquetrous leaves and a tall scape surmounted by a large umbel of rosy-pink flowers. Perianth-segments free, equal, all coloured. Stamens 9. Carpels about 6, many-seeded. The derivation of the generic name is obscure.

1. B. umbellatus. Flowering Rush. - One of our handsomest native aquatics and the only British plant having 9 stamens. It grows from 3 to 6 feet high according to conditions, and flowers at Midsummer.

Aponogeton distdchyus is a handsome aquatic plant, remarkable for its floating branched spikes of small fragrant bracteate white flowers. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, on long petioles, floating. This plant is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, but it will flourish in a lake or stream if planted at a depth of about 2 feet of water. It belongs to a small order called Juncaginaceae, distinguished from Alismaceae by the apetalous bracteate flowers.