This is another Australian genus of the same tribe. In this the involucral bracts are erect or not distinctly spreading as in the foregoing genera, and the outer florets are ligulate or irregular. Achenes not beaked. Pappus of simple or feathery bristles. Name from 30 Podolepis 245 a foot, and 30 Podolepis 246 a scale, from the scaly bracts on the peduncles.

1. P. acuminata, syn. Scalea ja-ceoides. - Perennial, but treated as an annual in gardens, and growing about 18 inches high. Leaves petiolate, oblong or lanceolate, smaller upwards, and clasping the stem. Involucral bracts scarious. Florets yellow, exceeding the involucre.

P. chrysantha, syn. aristata, is an allied species in which the invo-lucral bracts are terminated by a fine bristle.

P. gracilis is a more delicate plant with purple, lilac, or white florets.