Allied to Calochorhis, but all the perianth-segments are bearded within and provided with a honey-pit in the centre. Bulbs tunicated, producing erect leafy stems. Outer divisions of perianth about half as large as the inner. Also natives of North America. The name is a compound of 4 Cyclobothra 449 a circle, and 4 Cyclobothra 450 a pit, referring to the cavities above mentioned.

1. C. lutea. - This species grows about a foot high with leek-like leaves and two or three terminal yellow flowers. Exterior segments of the perianth greenish, the inner yellow, bordered with purple hairs. The stem is often bulbiferous in the leaf-axilsl

2. C. purpurea. - A more showy plant about 2 feet high. Outer segments of the perianth green and purple outside and yellow within; the inner segments purple outside and yellow within. Both are natives of Mexico, and rather tender.